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Absolute START!


Absolute Started Succesfully with 100+ Online! Players spoted some mini mistakes that will be corrected today after 01.00 EEST servers restart. Please contact us any time for complains and questions via game sending us Petitions or Skype!


Grand Opening!


We proudly Announce Absolute grand opening start date which will be on 

August 29th 18.00 EEST.


The new System is being prepared and is not available to download yet.

Olympiad online from tuesday 18.00.

As Soon as the server launches, every weeks Maintenance is scheduled on

saturday 12:00 EEST which will long for few hours with extra updates, new Stack Subclasses EventKorean EventRulers of the Land Event and More!

This is a new PvP Era that starts in Absolute! See You on Saturday Live!










Plese Participate in Ad Event to expand our Absolute Community :
Advertisement Event


Kill The Thief!


A new Absolute Event in which You will have to

find Thief Skeleton In Hot Springs or Alligator

Land Farm zones and Kill him. For making

Your searchings of this vandal more easier,

Absolute will announce in which of

these 2 farm zones did he spawn.

Good luck!